Advantages of computer embroidery machine


1. Computer embroidery machine has liquid crystal displ […]

1. Computer embroidery machine has liquid crystal display function
The liquid crystal display of this type of machine generally has a relatively high resolution. When embroidering, the state of the sample pattern can be displayed at any time. It is possible to switch the Chinese and English interfaces according to the actual situation, and the operation is very simple.
2, can store a variety of patterns
The computer embroidery machine has a computer system that can store patterns in various formats, and the capacity is very large, so the processing efficiency can be effectively improved.
3, with the rotation and zoom function of the pattern
The pattern can be rotated at any angle, and the left and right inversion can be realized. In addition, the pattern can be doubled twice, of course, it can be doubled. The specific range depends on the actual parameter setting of the embroidery machine, and it can also be selected first. Zoom after zooming, or zoom after zooming, to meet more embroidery needs.
4, can edit and combine patterns
The patterns stored in the computer system can be edited, and several different patterns can be combined in various forms to form a new pattern, which is very flexible and very convenient to use.
5, can be repeated embroidery
The computerized embroidery machine can usually be repeatedly embroidered, or it can be repeatedly embroidered in some areas. The horizontal and vertical directions are up to nine times, and a total of 81 times of repeated embroidery can be achieved.
These advantages of the computer embroidery machine are also a solid foundation for its development, which has a great impetus to the development of embroidery and enhances the effect and accuracy of embroidery.