Basic knowledge of computer embroidery machine maintenance


1. After the embroidery machine is in place, adjust the […]

1. After the embroidery machine is in place, adjust the basic level, the four foot screws are fixed, and the whole machine is stable and cannot float.
2. The wire frame mounting screws are tightened and cannot be floated to avoid resonance.
3. Check the external power supply. The 380V power supply should check if the neutral line is in place and the ground wire is grounded.
4. Before starting the test, clear all the debris on the platen, check whether the embroidery confirmation light is on, whether the color change confirmation lamp (two) is on, whether the trimming line and the hook line are close to the switch light, and the parking in place light (100°) ) Is it bright? Clean the garbage during transportation, refuel, use a special socket wrench to turn the spindle, no jamming. After everything is normal, you can start debugging.
5, machine maintenance should always clean dust, sand, wire and other garbage, the board can not be placed any debris, the mechanical transmission part according to the provisions of the oil lubrication, oil should be separated from the oil plus mechanical transmission part, white oil plus hook and over Line parts, silicone oil and embroidery thread.
6, the working environment is best closed, maintain the specified temperature and humidity, dust, wind. The fan cannot be used to prevent the embroidery thread from being blown up.
7. When loading and unloading the bottom thread, the bobbin should rotate clockwise in the bobbin case. When the bobbin is taken out in the bobbin case, the bobbin case cannot be knocked on the bed or hard ground to prevent the bobbin case from deforming and the bottom line is not smooth.
8, refueling method: refueling can not be too much at a time, to prevent pollution of the embroidery, it is best to use a special oil can refuel, surface rust with a tarpaulin wipe.