Common troubleshooting on embroidery machines


1. The tension of the bottom line is too large. ======= […]

1. The tension of the bottom line is too large. ================ Reasonably adjust the tension between the crimping plate and the shuttle

2. The needle hole has a quick cut =============== Change the needle

3. The thickness of the needle and the embroidery thread are not matched. ===========Select the thickness of the needle according to the thickness of the embroidery thread.

4. Hook hook hair hair ================= Polishing hook hook or change hook

5, The upper line is not lubricated =================== Apply silicone oil lubrication treatment

6. The hair of the shuttle is blocked by the hair. =============== Sanding or polishing the hair

7. Take the rod hole hair hair ==================

8. Three eyeliner hook hair hair ===============

9. Needle plate hair hair ===================

10. The clamping plate, the clamping screw hair ============

11. Positioning hook hair =================

12. Positioning hook and shuttle frame gap gap is not reasonable ======= adjust its gap

13. The upper thread tensioner clamp line failure ============ Clear the garbage in the elastic

14. The direction of the needle groove is not correct ============== Adjusting the direction of the needle groove makes the slot of the machine align with the operator