Computer embroidery machine repair procedure


Computer embroidery machine maintenance I 1 demolition […]

Computer embroidery machine maintenance I
1 demolition of frame, frame at the front of a total of 8 six nut loosening, the framework can beunloaded.
2 remove the head of various protective plate, put the needle down.
3 remove the nose, nose needle step connecting rod, a fixing nut 4 and remove loose, then thehead top two six nut loosening, two small upper part of the head adjust nut loosening, head left or right to move that can be removed.
4 remove the thread take-up lever, the fixing nut beside the loosening.
5 check the thread rod, 360 degree rotation of the shaft, hand shaking take-up link, there is noloose, can judge the eccentric black glue is good or bad.
6 removing the head in front of the two baffle.
7 remove the needle bar linkage assembly fixing frame on the lower left a small nut loosening,detachable needle bar linkage assembly.
8 determine the silver arm is good or bad, 360 degree rotation of the shaft by hand shaking, silverarm, to see whether the loose, can judge the eccentric shaft bearing is good or bad.
9 removing the spindle, remove the eccentric wheel, one or two demolition, not demolition,demolition is not good on the spindle. Cleaning for accessories.
10 replace the take-up thread connecting rod, needle bar linkage component wear parts.
11 cleaning machine, support structure, panel.