Computer embroidery machine embroidery operation sequence


After the computer embroidery machine is bought back, i […]

After the computer embroidery machine is bought back, it is necessary for those who have not touched the embroidery machine to understand the working sequence of the computer embroidery embroidery.

The first is the determination of the pattern. After selecting the pattern to be embroidered, we have to make the embroidery version through the embroidery software. The commonly used embroidery software is the Tajima embroidery software and Wilkem embroidery software. The island is easy to understand and is more common. Wilkem is good at dealing with cross-stitch, which is quite new. It is generally recommended to use a professional embroidery master plate master for more than four machines.

When processing or modifying the embroidery version, you must know the order of computer embroidery. Check the embroidery order of the pattern design in the pattern design "Run" by stitching, section, function or object. You can also check the embroidery order by slowly redisplaying it on the screen. DG/ML can simulate the embroidery process. When “embroidery”, the stitches will gradually change from black to the configured embroidery thread color.


In the actual operation of the embroidery machine, it must be strictly in accordance with the operation requirements. Generally, every new machine is equipped with an operation manual.

1. According to the requirements of the goods, install the color line and the bottom color line, and adjust the tension of the bottom line.

2. Spread the paper puff and clamp it at both ends with a clip. Then lay gauze and clamp it around the platen with a cloth to clamp the gauze.

3. Open a good position and set the parameters required for various embroidery.

4. Put double-sided adhesive tape on the gauze, and lay the piece on the position of the open tape, so that the embroidered part of the piece is completely coincident with the opening position. Press the piece with both hands to make the piece close. On the gauze, prevent the pieces from sinking.

5. When placing the pieces, the lathe should distinguish the top and bottom of the piece. On the front and back, recognize the position line of each item.

6. Turn the lever switch to the right to start the machine. At this time, the computer embroidery machine starts embroidering. Move the lever switch to the left to stop the machine.

7. During the embroidering process, if there are missing needles, jump stitches, and strands, refill the needles and keep the pieces clean.

8. When the embroidery is completed, the operator should take back the pieces and put them in accordance with the prescribed code. The above steps will be completed on a regular basis.