Embroidery electrical control system maintenance


1. Remove dust from the control box The machine is used […]

1. Remove dust from the control box

The machine is used for a period of time, the dust is more, the cleaning dust should be cleaned with clean compressed air and soft brush, and the control box should be dry.

2. Check the operation of the electric fan on the chassis.

Check whether the fan on the box is running and the heat dissipation function is normal. Make adjustments in time.

3. Wipe control chassis oil and debris

Regularly wipe the oil on the chassis to prevent the oil from adhering to the chassis or into the chassis.

4. Prevent the electronic control display button from wearing out

The electronic control display is regularly protected to prevent the display button from malfunctioning and breaking.

5. Check the power supply line of the electronic control system

Check that the power supply cable is securely connected and securely connected.

6. Regularly check the electronic control peripheral connection

Whether the connections between the various components of the electronic control system are good, and whether the insulation protection of each connection point and connection cable is intact and there is no damage.

7. Embroidery machines that are not used temporarily should be energized regularly.

For embroidery machines that have not been used for a long time, it is necessary to energize them regularly (2 to 3 days for energization once), and each power supply lasts for more than 1 hour.

8. If the computer embroidery machine has not been used for a long time