Embroidery machine pattern making skills


1. How to improve embroidery efficiency? Embroidery tim […]

1. How to improve embroidery efficiency?

Embroidery time basically depends on the speed of the embroidery machine. We can reduce the number of strokes and shorten the time of the car according to the actual situation. Take the rice needle as an example. The other is suitable for some large embroidery scales. The general inertia stitch length parameter is set to 4 mm. However, due to the frequent stitching in his rice, the number of stitches is much higher than other stitches. We can try to change it to 4.5mm or 5mm, the number of stitches will be cut, and the products are not big. Because the embroidery machine will stop when it is trimming, and then it starts up, the number of times is too high, and the time is gone.

Therefore, when playing the plate, try to organize the stitches with the same color to embroider, and then use a single needle to connect the stitches in different directions to reduce the number of color change and thread trimming.


2. Is it necessary to add the underlying line regardless of the fabric I use?

The function of the bottom line is to increase the stability and clarity of the trick, such as embroidered elastic cloth, the underlying line is simply not missing.


3. What happens if the bottom line is too thick?

Although the bottom line can stabilize the game, it should not be too thick. Otherwise, the trick will become wrinkled. If the knitted fabric is embroidered, even a small hole will be formed.


4. Is there a difference in the trick of the embroidered hat?

When making a plate, pay attention to the second time of embroidery. You should start from the center, embroider it to one side, and then embroider the other side.


5. Why do you always have a lot of broken wires when you are embroidering metal wires?

When embroidering the wire, in addition to slowing down the machine speed, loosen the wire tension, and remember not to wrap the wire around the wire to prevent the wire from being crushed.