How to control the quality of computer embroidery machine production


1. Operator control stage: The quality of the product i […]

1. Operator control stage: The quality of the product is controlled by the operator alone.
2. Team leader control stage: The team leader is responsible for the product quality control of the entire team.
3. Inspector control stage: set up a full-time quality inspector, specializing in product quality control.
4. Statistical control stage: Using statistical methods to control product quality is a major breakthrough in quality control technology, creating a new situation of quality control.
5. Total Quality Management (TQC): Quality control throughout the process.
6. All staff quality management (CWQC): full quality control, full participation.
2. Quality inspection method
1. Full inspection: The inspection method for all products or materials sent for inspection and inspection without missing. Applicable to the following situations:
1 small batch size, simple inspection and low cost;
2 products must be qualified;
3 If there is a small amount of unqualified product, it may cause fatal effects on the product.
2. Sampling inspection: It is a typical statistical inference work to extract some individuals from all the batches of products for inspection and judge whether the whole batch of products is qualified according to the test results of the samples.
1 Applicable to the following situations: a. Destructive tests are required for product performance testing;
b. The batch size is too large to perform the full test;