Introduction of various embroidery of current mainstream of Yeshi


Embroidery, commonly known as "embroidery", is a techni […]

Embroidery, commonly known as "embroidery", is a technique for puncturing embroidery threads into various patterns and colors through needles on the already processed fabrics with needles and needles according to design requirements.


Cross stitch

Also known as the cross peach, it is a traditional embroidery method widely spread in the folk. The needle method is very simple, that is, according to the warp and weft orientation of the cloth, the diagonal cross stitches of the same size are arranged into the pattern required by the design. Due to the characteristics of the stitching method, the pattern of the cross stitch is generally succinct and rigorous in structure, and often has a pattern style of a symmetrical layout. There are also realistic styles, and themes are mostly natural flowers and plants. The cross stitch has a rich folk decoration style.



Also known as flat ribbon embroidery, the embroidery is directly on the fabric with the ribbon as the embroidery thread. The enamel embroidery is soft, colorful, and the pattern is striking and three-dimensional. It is a novel and kimono decoration form.


Drawing embroidery

The drawing embroidery is a very special category in embroidery. The embroidery method is to draw a certain amount of warp and weft on the fabric according to the design part, and then use the cloth left on the cloth to embroider. The line is regularly braided and braided, and the through-holes of the through-holes are combined to form various patterns. Embroidered surface with drawn yarn has a unique mesh effect, beautiful and delicate, exquisite and transparent, and very decorative. Due to the difficulty of through-drawing, most of the drawn embroidery patterns are simple geometric lines and block faces, which are exquisitely decorated in a piece of embroidery.


Poke yarn embroidery

Also known as Najin, it is one of the traditional forms of embroidery. It is embroidered strictly on the base of the square yarn by the grid of eyes. Not only the pattern is beautiful, but also the rich arrangement of the lines, horizontal and oblique, but the empty eyes between the patterns must be aligned.


Special embroidery -- towel embroidery

With the requirements of different products, the embroidery methods of towel embroidering are endless. The towel embroidery machine includes the embroidery method of chain embroidery and towel embroidery, and the towel mixer can be added into the flat embroidery to make the embroidery more diversified.


Special embroidery -- laser embroidery

Yeshi took the lead in creating laser cutting and blending into the embroidery with exquisite technology. As long as the data on the embroidery machine is adjusted, the embroidery machine will output the right amount of laser. Typical application methods are engraving, surface cutting and complete cutting.