The easiest way to break the embroidery machine


1. Use the hand to touch the hook first, with or withou […]

1. Use the hand to touch the hook first, with or without burrs, and change.

2. Look at the depth of the needle position, whether the rotary seat has run, pay attention to turn the machine to 196 degrees, open the needle plate, press the needle to see the position, the lower end of the necessary pinhole must be 1.5 above the rotary tip A distance of about 2 mm, and the tip of the hook must be a straight line with the needle. The rear plane of the needle and the tip of the hook maintain the distance of a strand of hair. If not, these requirements must be met.

3. See if the needle board is empty or not, it must also be sanded.

4. Needle changer and needle.

5. If you have tried the above methods, you can press the needle and hold the needle clamp by hand. Move up and down. If the gap exceeds 3 mm, replace it. Slider, "Driver" also has aluminum connecting rod and small connecting rod. Inject the butter into the big connecting rod to reduce the gap. Grasp the jumper dry A with your hand and turn it to about 250 degrees to see the cam gap.