What is three-dimensional embroidery


What is stereo embroidery? How to embroider three-dimen […]

What is stereo embroidery? How to embroider three-dimensional embroidery? Three-dimensional embroidery belongs to the kind of embroidery. As the name suggests, it uses the embroidery thread to embed EVA in the inside to form a three-dimensional effect pattern. The 3D three-dimensional embroidery is embroidered with foam, so that the embroidery flower (embroidery) looks three-dimensional. The embroidery method, according to the design steps, according to the design requirements of the three-dimensional embroidery drawings to express or reflect a DIY embroidery of the object stereo effect. Both stereo embroidery and cross stitch belong to DIY embroidery.

The biggest difference is that cross stitch is a kind of flat hand embroidery, and three-dimensional embroidery is a three-dimensional concept. Therefore, three-dimensional embroidery is sublimation based on the continuation of cross stitch. . The three-dimensional embroidery has stronger stereoscopic visual enjoyment; the aesthetics is richer in home decoration effect; it is a more elegant and more humanized gift, DIY boutique.

The computer towel embroidery machine can embroider any flower shape, any color, embroidered flowers and trees, animal graphics, comics, etc. It has the characteristics of hierarchy, novelty and strong stereoscopic effect. It is widely welcomed by consumers and designers, so it has been very popular in recent years. popular.