Laser embroidery machine YSLC3

Laser embroidery machine YSLC3

1.Basic style

2.Extended style

This multifunctional computer embroidery machine is new-released by our company. It's the perfect combination of embroidery, cutting and engraving flower which could rapidly increase the aesthetics of embroidery. This machine has provided new set of solutions for craft innovations in various industries such as clothes, toys, home textiles, decorative clothes and etc.

3.Flat, Cording , Laser, Beading device

It could be added flat,cording,laser,beading devices. It' s the perfect combination of embroidery, cutting and engraving flower.



Technical parameters


Max. embroidering speed

Flat embroidery 1000rpm (revolutions Per minute),dribbling embroidery 850rpm

Needles number

Flat embroidery 9 needles

Embroidering area

1200mm ×600mm

Laser positioning accuracy

0.1 mm

Max. depth of scribed lines

3 (mm)

Cooling method

Water cooling

Power supply



Main functions and features:


1. This machine could conduct the embroidery, trimming, perforate, appliqueing, ornamental engraving, layered cutting and embroidered merging on various kinds of fabric materials.

2. The laser processing system has equipped automatic purging system and smoke extraction system. Exhaust the smokes which were produced while processing efficiently and guarantee the fabrics won't be polluted or damaged. The smokes could meet the environment and safety requirements after filtration.

3. This machine has equipped with servo motor, quality lenses and dynamic focusing system, laser spot has reached to 0.1mm, ensure the high speed engraving flower processes with high precise and big processing area.

4. The laser has the characteristics such as high strength, high performance of cutting, stable output power and long service life of light tube which saved the maintain costs efficiently.

5. High system safety level: we have designed the electric circuits, light lines, system protection and multipoint chain electrical-control according to the CE requirements which could provide the best protections for customers and operators.

6. Friendly man-machine interface: manual operation mode and automatic operation mode could be changed freely, easy for operating and owns high reliability.

7. This machine's body structure was designed in lighter type and has the advantages such as small footprint and easy to handling.




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Our company has developed lots of exclusive embroidery machine such as 1200rpm high speed machine ,chain series,lock stitch series,mixed type series and so on.

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